Pool Etiquette and Safety Tips for Kids and Everyone else...

See the Official Document related to Pool Use here.

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1. Leave your pet at home. Only resident humans and their guests please. Children should always have adult supervision. There is no life guard.

2. We do not supply towels, bathing suits, goggles or sunscreen. Be sure you bring your own supplies.

3. No animals are permitted in the pool area.

4. No food or drink of any kind, nor glass containers are permitted inside the pool area.

5. Diving off of someone else’s shoulders is also off limits, unless it is the shoulders of parents. Small children and in the "deep" areas only!

6. If you or your child is wearing a bandage, consider removing it before he or she enters the swimming pool. If he has an open sore, it is best to stay out of the pool until the wound is healed.

7. Always send your child with some type of shoes when going to the pool.

8. Remind your child to always jump into a pool feet first. Our pool is relatively shallow and does not support diving. The depth of a pool is not always obvious on looking at it.

9. Don’t allow children to eat or chew gum in the pool. In fact, food and drink of any kind is banned.

10. Children should never jump on top of someone else, or hold someone else underwater, just to be funny.

11. Make sure there are always “designated eyes” on the swimmers at all times. Hosts should be conscientious about the ratio of children to adults providing the supervision.

12. Have alternate activities, in case kids get tired of swimming. There is a shaded area under the cabana for those who want to get out of the sun.

13. A water fountain is on hand to drink at will. No need to bring your own in any container.

14. If your child is going to the pool by themselves, make certain that adults will be there, who can look after the swimmers. Inexperienced swimmers should use flotation devices. When it comes to your child’s safety, no concern is off limits.