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West Park Preserve is part of a larger world and we cannot hope to insulate ourselves from the effects of the storms and turbulence from both the human and the environmental crises of our times.

Our citizenship in this community and in the larger world beyond demand our attention to how changes affect us and our community.

Awareness of the larger issues that govern our world will enable us to make better decisions, and create better outcomes.

Be a part of governance. The consequence of indifference can be severe, but the rewards of caring can be great.

Important Hillsborough County Numbers all at area code (813):
Animal Services: 744-5660
Job News Line: 272-6975
Code Enforcement: 274-6600
County Information Line: 272-5900
Emergency Management: 272-6900
Family & Aging Services: 272-5040
Fire Rescue: 272-6600

Libraries: 273-3652
Neighborhoods: 272-5860
Parks, Recreation & Conservation: 635-3500
Public Works Construction: 272-5275
Sheriff's Office: 247-8000
Solid Waste: 272-5680
Our District 1 Commissioner: 272-5470



Contact: Vesta Management

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