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Upcoming Events:

Association Social events
are an important part of community life.


Problem with your unit?
Contact Vesta Management


Run for the board

To run for a seat on the board, you must contact the Nominations Chair. See Association Documents, left, for more.
There will be opportunities to sign up for committees at the meeting as well.
The meeting information is below.

     Annual Meeting:
The venue for our annual meeting will be available in the 30 days preceding the meeting via mail, or call Vesta. Also, see the newsletter for more info.



Reach your board directly - on administrative matters only - at the special mailbox in the Kiosk under the display on the west side. Just put your note in the slot, or send it by mail. Be sure to include your name and address, and send it to:         
                    Westpark Preserve HOA Board

               6810 Big Cypress Way Tampa, FL 33625

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